d y s l e x i c  A C A D E M I C

d y s l e x i c  A C A D E M I C  is a digital space where academics respond to the resounding silence in the academy surrounding our learning differences including but not limited to dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorder, visual stress or Irlen syndrome, attention deficit disorder, synaesthesia, and aphantasia, as well as our co-occurring mental health differences including but not limited to obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression.


Through a series of podcasts and rolling blog posts, learning-different academics reflect on how we generate drive, survive and thrive in the academy by using strategies of resistance and empowerment that are characteristically creative because of our learning-different profiles.


d y s l e x i c  A C A D E M I C  is edited by Kate West, scholar of visual culture and Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. Kate's research is related to the sensorial (seeing, hearing, touching) particularities of her learning-different profile. She researches visual, material and aural cultures of crime and their interplay with different temporalities from the eighteenth century to the digital age.



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